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Soap--the sweetest of the lards. It has evolved through time, as have human uses for it. Today, we use some form of cleaner for everything; clothes, faces windows, woods; practically everything uses some type of soap.

The most important soap, though, is handsoap.

This seems to be notably lacking here in my dorm.

That's really gross, yos. C'mon. Honestly. Who really wants to go to the bathroom without soap to wash your hands afterward?

This can lead to all kinds of nonsensical issues, like students getting urinary track infections due to refusal to urinate under such conditions, thus leading Bacone down a road of filthy, sameful, deficating losses.

Okay, now I'll be serious.

Truely, though, it is nasty and can spread those horrible illnesses that you always seem to here about in dorm-related news.

The moral of this rant? Let me put it in terms the housekeeping staff can understand--SOAP, GOOD. NO SOAP, BAD.


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Here's a little thing I came up with in the shower. It's kinda country/bluesy, totally out of my character. I did my worst trying to belt it out, and with my menger recording equipment, it's not the prettiest thing in the world.